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A Few Experiences with the Oracle...

“Hi everyone. So I guess when I first came across Zanetta and the feminine magic group, I was finding myself in a kind of slow vibe place where I really did want to attune more to the magic of the world and living, and to grow in a more higher vibration and to really just find my purpose and integrate all this like magic gushiness in my life. But I found myself very low vibe trying to find purpose, trying to find a meaning. And the group came by. And so I thought, okay, well, what do I have to lose? I did it. And it was completely life changing to the point where I use magic daily without even thinking of it. It has really become embedded in my everyday system. And of course there's still dark moments dark times, but knowing the foundations of it really embracing that part of myself that always existed. I always felt like I needed some kind of really expensive and time consuming shamanistic journey or something, and like deep in the hills, like I was able to find that with Zanetta in a more modern day living and part of my everyday life.

So I totally, totally recommend this group, recommend working with Zanetta. She is amazing and 

Beatriz G.

"Today I received a cleansing from my dear sweet friend Zee. I felt amazing during, and afterwards I was re-aligned and re-charged, free of the negative energy sludge that had been slowing me down. Where I had become disconnected, I now feel reconnected and the balance and flow has been restored. Very powerful stuff! Thank you Zee!"

Stephanie K.

“Hi, my name's Jamie. And I just wanted to say thank you so much. Zanetta for our beautiful session. I am just in awe of your insight and your intuition. And I was a little skeptical at first, when, you know, I was presented with the concept of, of tarot reading, intuitive reading for my business, but you couldn't have been more right on, especially where I am today and versus like going where I wanna go, just your insights and your intuition, and being able to pick up on the energy of my business and my personality and where I'm currently stuck. And then just the beautiful insightful insights that you provided to get me to where I wanna go. And so I just feel so grateful that I got to work with you. Anybody who gets to work with you is just so lucky and thank you so much.”

Jamie Cholaki, Creator of CHOLAKI Beauty

“I loved absolutely getting a chance to do this. Because I feel that getting to take a class with Zanetta was an experience where I got to learn about myself. What, where my blockages were, what that meant, how to address that and the idea that it was something I was completely capable of. And sometimes to let it go from a place of me having to fix it, to believing in my higher power, I'm leaving it to something much bigger than me, something in control where I didn't have to feel so scattered and learn what it means really to let it flow and to try to live that on a daily basis. And then on top of learning all of this, to then further have tools, to be able to face it in each thing you go through. So not just one type of meditation, meditation that fits your differing things that happen throughout your world.

So for me, it worked for me on maybe three different levels where one was something I could use before I went to bed that would help me continue my meditation subconsciously and continue that work. And then some was something I could do when I was moving and throughout my day and not have to cut away space and be really concentrating on my breathing. That's a whole separate set of meditation. So to have that many tools really was empowering. I really love not just the knowledge, but the freedom of knowing, Hey, I'm in control of this. I never felt that before. And then now still being a student of this, and this is just my first level of class learning to know how to integrate that into my everyday into the schedule. That would be my bliss. It's something I'm still learning. I just love that this was my first stage and I'm forever grateful.”

Laura G. E.

“This feminine magic class has been pardoning the term a godsend for me because I have been very interested in this sort of thing for years, but having a conservative Christian upbringing, it has been very it has been nerve wracking to consider moving forward into a mystical practice and having not only guided leadership, but also good peer, group support from the other members of the class. All of that together has really made this a very powerful learning experience that has given me not only knowledge and tools that I need to progress in my practice, but also the confidence and support to not be afraid. So I would definitely recommend this class for anyone who has the desire to move forward and just needs some help getting off the ground, because that's exactly what it did for me.”

Ando P.

Tarot and Spiritual Advisor

Additional   Reviews

Rhamonda M.

Had a great reading today. She called right on time and helped confirm a lot of things in my life.

Sophia K.

I had my first consultation today, she called right on time, explained what we were going to accomplish and helped me understand any terms I was not familiar with. She was very professional, passionate, and knowledgeable about what she asked and talked about, and made sure I was comfortable at all times. She gave me some homework for the weekend and I already made my appointment for Monday! I cannot wait to see what we have in store together.

Sharon H.

She was amazing. All my guests who had the pleasure of a reading was truly amazed. Would use her services again.