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Who is 9ower To Create?

Our name comes from the number 9 representing completion and wholeness.

We are here to remind you that you have the complete power to create the reality you desire.

As an Oracle I am here to help your life and all of the components it consists of.

Imagine being able to make decisions you are SURE much is that worth to you?

With the aid of metaphysical tools, we can uncover and heal any obstacles. We will develop a strategy to accomplish your dream goals.

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Meet the Practitioner  

Rev. Zanetta E. Snow, M.Msc

Metaphysical Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, and Oracle

Zanetta works with clients, assisting them to a life of effortless success and abundance, an awareness that exists in the accepting of one’s True Identity. 

Zanetta has been using divination tools, and channeling Divine messages for over seven years. As a metaphysical practitioner, she crafts unique personal meditations and aids in positively reprogramming both conscious and subconscious thinking. The work done is on an energetic level, allowing you to release anything that hinders your true spark and mission for existence.

Zanetta will work with you to craft your sessions to meet your individual needs, and with regular meetings, help you find resolution. Supplemental tools and support between meetings are provided as a part of your plan. Each plan is catered to the individual. 

Life is meant to be authentic. Without judgement, Zanetta will support your unapologetic authenticity. The world needs the light that only you can shine, Zanetta will remind you to shine brighter and brighter!

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